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All tours on our site is guaranteed. It's means that if you book any tour, you can be sure that this tour will not be canceled even if nobody else has booked it for the same dates. Also prices for any tours is fixed, without hidden charges - you always pay only the cost that you see on our website, regardless of the number of participants in the group tour. We collected the best offers for the season 2020 to help you get amazing experiences from traveling to Central Asia!

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Tours in Kyrgyzstan:

August 4 - August 14, 2020
Fixed price: 1980 USD per person

The Taste of Tian-Shan 2020, 11 days

What to expect: a fascinating route of medium difficulty in which you will visit the famous Ala-Kul Lake, Altyn-Arashan Valley and Djety-Oguz gorge.

July 10 - July 23, + 2 more dates
Fixed price: 2540 USD per person

To the Heart of Tien Shan 2020, 14 days

What to expect: An interesting route for experienced hikers - in 10 days you will climb up to the Inylchek glacier and then return back by helicopter.

July 25 - August 7, 2020
Fixed price: 2720 USD per person

Contrasts of Tien Shan 2020, 14 days

What to expect: Is a great combination of cultural experience and adventures in the mountains. Extended version of tour "To the Heart of Tien Shan".

July 23 - August 5, 2020
Fixed price: 2180 USD per person

Hike to Kyrgyz Patagonia 2020, 14 days

What to expect: Special trekking route in the south Kyrgyzstan. Not so popular as hiking in the north part of the country, but very interesting!

June 30 - July 21, + 6 more dates
Fixed price: 2180 USD per person

Lenin Peak Expedition 2020, 22 days

What to expect: Guided ascent to Lenin Peak (7134 meters) with experienced mountain guides. It's very dangerous adventure, like a any mountaineering.

July 16 - July 29, 2020
Fixed price: 2120 USD per person

Pamir Expedition 2020, 14 days

What to expect: Amazing trekking along the gorges of Turkestan mountain range and to the heart of Pamir-Alai mountain system. Not for begginners!

July 24 - July 30, + 2 more dates
Fixed price: 1290 USD per person

Small Group Tour 2020, 7 days

What to expect: Classical route for discover Kyrgyzstan - you will visit main historical and natural attractions of the norht part of the country.

June 28 - July 5, + 7 more dates
Fixed price: 695 USD per person

Vacation in the Pamir 2020, 8 days

What to expect: One week trekking tour that starts from Osh city and going to Pamir mountains, near to Lenin peak. Real adventure in high mountains!

July 3 - July 20, 2020
Fixed price: 1630 USD per person

Mountain Bike Tour 2020, 18 days

What to expect: This tour is meant for very experienced riders in good physical condition, as most part of the route going through high mountains.

July 13 - July 22, + 1 more date
Fixed price: 1135 USD per person

Classic Kyrgyzstan 2020, 10 days

What to expect: Interesting trip from the North to the South part of Kyrgyzstan through alpine lakes Issyk Kul and Song Kul. Be ready for dirt roads.

July 25 - August 9, 2020
Fixed price: 1460 USD per person

Bike Tour in Kyrgyzstan 2020, 16 days

What to expect: You will cycling around second biggest alpine lake in the World. Be ready for different roads and stunning views!

Jule 22 - August 1, 2020
Fixed price: $2000 per person

Tien Shan Lakes & Gorges 2020, 11 days

What to expect: Good combination of trekking and cultural impressions. Tour takes you to some beautiful alpine lakes, gorges, mountain passes, etc.

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